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The pic shooted by Jack that Tof promised you (please refer to the previous post) :


Surfing session and little waves with Denis, Bjoern, Mat and Tof :


We booked a few weeks ago a « Wolf Blass winemakers Dinner ». So we went at The Terrace in NewPort with our South African’s friends. It was such a pretty good dinner with seven dishes and seven different wines… A kind of too much for me (both wine and food). But it was nice.

Our friends :

Good food and « good » australian wines


A game : try to find where the wine comes from … Not really easy. But Leila was closed to win
Maybe a good game for Nath or Leo …


Andre, Wayne, Louise and a few glasses


We came back by bus … just for us.. weird ?!

A new farewell : Alexis… who is on his plane right now.. Good trip buddy.

The Narrabeen sky

All our thought go through Laura and her family… Life is so nice but so sad sometimes.

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  1. Floflo dit :

    good billet !!
    But it’s a shame : not enough to have a lot to read more over you let us read in english !!!!
    Well, I am happy to see you enjoying so much Australia and its so good wines (yes, it’s true, they are my favorite !!! HMmm a Shiraz at 14° !!!) … Very good idea to take the bus ! Good boys and girls !
    I miss you two
    bises, bises et bises
    Flew (c’est flo en anglais !)

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